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It is with great pleasure and honor that Allen Exploration submits the following for consideration in the 4th Edition of the EXPLORER AWARDS. We are eager to showcase the remarkable achievements in marine research, philanthropy, exploration, and beyond. We believe our commitment to pushing the boundaries of exploration aligns seamlessly with the prestigious values of Yacht Club de Monaco. Your consideration is not just an opportunity for recognition but a chance to celebrate the spirit of adventure and innovation together.

Carl Allen

Owner, Allen Exploration

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Carl Allen has crafted a formidable fleet under Allen Exploration's banner. This maritime armada, featuring the 164-foot Westport, GIGI, the 183-foot Damen, AXIS, and the 80-foot Viking, FRIGATE, extends beyond nautical pursuits. At the heart of their mission is a commitment to philanthropy, where the AllenX fleet shifted course to disaster relief, delivering supplies to affected regions in the wake of Hurricane Dorian in 2019. From the Triton submarine exploring the depths to the Citation X+ jet soaring through the skies, and an Icon A5 amphibious plane ready for diverse terrains, the fleet, equipped with various support vessels and tools, stands as a versatile force for positive change in both exploration and humanitarian efforts.

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The 49.99m/164' motor yacht 'Gigi' was built by Westport Yachts in the United States at their Westport, WA shipyard.



The 55.3m/183', AXIS is the workhorse of the Allen Exploration Fleet. Rugged and versitile, this Damen-built vessel weighs in at 465 tons and carries with it a range of 5,000 nautical miles.

triton GA.jpg


The iconic TRITON 3300/3 is Allen Exploration's tool for exploring the deep. Capable of safely diving to depths of 3,280 ft (1,000 m).

Frigate80 Illustration.png


Built by Viking, Frigate boasts an overall length of 80' with a 2,600 gal. fuel capacity.


Allen Exploration’s maritime investigations in the northern Bahamas since 2018 are focused on re-assessing the Spanish wreck of the Maravillas (1656) and conducting underwater reconnaissance to search for additional sections of wreckage. The holistic project includes a variety of investigative and supportive branches, including maritime historical research, archaeological and scientific fieldwork, and philanthropic and educational endeavors. Where former expeditions were motivated exclusively by the hunt for treasure, AllenX is science led, with the aim of contributing to an enhanced understanding of and respect for the maritime legacy of The Bahamas and training a new generation of Bahamian divers and archaeologists. With the pledge that the artifacts do not permanently leave the Bahamas, the discoveries are conserved, studied, and displayed in The Bahamas Maritime Museum, founded by Carl and Gigi Allen on Grand Bahama Island. The Allen’s have also started a program to find and purchase privately owned artifacts from the Maravillas wreck and bring them back to the Bahamas to reunite the collection. These values instilled and practiced by Allen Exploration in partnership with the Government of the Bahamas are revolutionary and unprecedented in the industry. Bringing the Public Private Partnership model to the world of Treasure Hunting.

Click each image to read and learn more about our maritime exploration efforts in The Bahamas.

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Allen Exploration has been fortunate to have been featured in a variety of news segments and publications. We're thankful to these partners for shining a light on the work we've done to date.


Gigi Allen overseeing relief efforts during Hurricane Dorian in 2019.



Beyond our efforts to restore and reclaim maritime history in The Bahamas, Allen Exploration continues to embrace and invest in the next generation in a variety of ways. It's a philanthropic journey that reflects a deep commitment to the future of our oceans and those who care for it. From providing educational opportunities to offering invaluable experiences and essential resources for schools, to swift disaster relief efforts, Carl and Gigi Allen are compassionate stewards of positive change.

Carl Allen giving an update to relief efforts in The Bahamas after Hurricane Dorian in 2019.

Carl & Gigi Allen have a passion for the next generation of Bahamians. To that end, the Allens gifted Amazon tablets to the West End Primary School.


As part of our efforts to revitalize Little Grand Cay, Bahamas, Allen Exploration has donated a basketball court for the local youth and residents.


Reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Dorian in 2019 on Little Grand island in The Bahamas.

Alex Barrett is Bahamian born & bred. He started working with Allen Exploration at just 17 years old. Now, at 20, he is the captain of a boat & one of our lead divers.

Silver Coins tell the story of the past. Our discovery has changed how archaeologists view and grade these historical artifacts!

The Allen Exploration team is hot on the trail of the stern castle of the lost shipwreck, Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas!

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