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Allen Exploration (AXGT) manages a global tactical asset allocation strategy that invests in major asset classes using Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to capitalize on global macroeconomic trends.  Objectives include; 1) avoid catastrophic draw downs, 2) deliver competitive absolute returns with reduced volatility, 3) offer investors a rules based, repeatable strategy that is low cost, tax efficient, transparent and liquid and 4) never again ask, “what do I do now?.”  AXGT has a fifteen year track record of generating S&P 500 like returns with about half the volatility.

Eagle Eye

Founded in 2008, Eagle Eye offers executive protection services and beyond across five continents.

Led by former Navy and Army special forces, our dedicated service in the field translates to an expertly crafted, secure journey for you and those you care about.


NTENT is a world leader in semantic search and natural language processing technologies.

We are on a mission to push the boundaries of information discovery, developing technology that transforms structured and unstructured data into actionable insights.  This level of intelligence enables us to deliver a platform that allows our partners to predict and deliver relevant information based on user intent, on any device.

Multiply Group

Multiply is a global investment company, which offers access to proprietary transactions on the African continent to a select investor base. Multiply is lead by highly experienced dealmakers with proven track records and a reputation built on trust. Our vision is to be the leading investment company in Africa.


We’re passionate about delicious, plant based foods and the health benefits they can bring to you and your family. That’s why 100% of the oils in Flora Spreads come from nutritious seeds such as linseeds, rapeseeds and sunflower seeds, making all our Flora spreads rich in Omega 3 and at least 60% lower in saturated fat than butter. By blending our nutritious seeds oils with just the right amount of buttermilk we offer a range of spreads that give you and your family all the benefits of plant goodness with the taste you love. We’ve also created a delicious, completely Dairy Free spread that we think you will love.

Neighborhood Goods

Neighborhood Goods, we’re creating something more social and communal around an ever-changing landscape of products. Neighborhood Goods ostensibly takes the polish and approachability of the typical department store, but combines it with the dynamism and community of a pop-up store or pop-up marketplace.

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