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AllenXPress Newsletter 1

JUNE 2024


As I sit here, I’m itching to get out there. The seas are behaving. We have high hopes for a big year. 2023 was a frustrating wash out, the worst weather season (except for hurricanes) since I started exploring the northern Bahamas for the Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas and who knows what else is out there. Our fleet has been on standby every day. We’re always watching the weather. When the window opens, it’s all systems go. For as long as the Big Blue lets us.

AllenXPress Newsletter 2

JULY 2024


As June 2024 comes to an end, Poseidon is behaving, unlike in 2023. This is the first spell of calm conditions we’ve enjoyed off the western Little Bahama Bank this year. To get even two decent dive days in a row at any location is rare. Now we’re expecting a week of still seas. It’s very good news and we’re focusing on the Maravillas while the Big Blue lets us.

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